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A look back at 2021

Yet another year has flown by. As 2021 comes to an end, it's time to continue our tradition and look back at all that we have achieved this year.

Written by Stefano Verna
How to Use DatoCMS's Structured Text Field in a NextJS App

In early 2021 Dato launched a revolutionary new feature that greatly enhances the experience of editors who use the CMS to enter and manage content. In this post, we're going to walk through all you need to know as a developer to start using Structured Text in your website.

Written by Natalia Baeza
Dealing with SEO in Next.js

Let’s learn about SEO, how to address it in Next.js, and why adopting a headless CMS solution might be the best approach.

Written by Antonello Zanini
The wait is over: Nested Blocks are here!

The most requested feature in the history of DatoCMS is finally ready. You can now expand the possibilities of your content model by nesting multiple levels of blocks!

Written by Stefano Verna
How To Build an Ecommerce with Next.js and Snipcart tutorial

Being able to build an ecommerce application from scratch is now more valuable than ever. Thankfully, several libraries have been released to help developers achieve this goal with less effort. So, let’s see how to develop an ecommerce website in JavaScript and Next.js using Snipcart.

Written by Antonello Zanini
An (even more) open company

From today we want to be more transparent and less "shy" in telling our story. Find out why.

Written by Stefano Verna
Introducing Workflows: supercharge your content approval process

Today we are pleased to introduce Workflows, a new feature designed for our Enterprise customers. Workflows allow complex content operations for bigger editorial teams, making DatoCMS one of the most secure and user-friendly headless CMS to-date.